On average, most people will arrange only two funerals in their lifetime. This limited experience often leaves a family feeling inadequate, not knowing what to do or what it costs.  When faced with the unfamiliar feelings and the emotions that the death of a loved one brings, families have a need for security and normality. This is where a qualified funeral director helps.

On average, it takes between 24 and 36 hours. Thankfully, the funeral director does most of the work, leaving you time to gather as a family and support each other in your early grieving.

Each person is unique in personality, likes and dislikes. Consequently, no two funerals will be the same. They neither can nor should be. Good funeral directors are able to hear the needs, provide some options and perform a service based on the uniquely personal decisions you make.

Here is some helpful information about arranging a funeral and the laws governing funeral arrangements.

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