Gold Lady Integrity Funerals also has its own approved funeral fund, The Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia, which is designed to safely protect your money until it is required to pay for your funeral.

Planning ahead is a natural thing for us all to do. We plan for our children’s education, weddings, a family holiday; all those things that we as families do that are joyful, that are intended to be positive happy times to look forward to and enjoy. As families we prepare for our future by investing wisely, enacting insurances, and providing superannuation. That preparation is designed to protect our family’s future and wellbeing. Unfortunately, very few people plan ahead for a funeral because of the emotional cost. Such planning centres on a sad and possibly traumatic event in our lives, a time we are not looking forward to; a time of loss, and a time of hurt. Unless forced into the situation, most families often do not even discuss what should happen if someone they love dies.

Please visit the comprehensive Integrity Funeral Plan website.