Prearranging your funeral.

Mary Lepp is our principal consultant in the preplanning and prepaying of funerals. Her passion to bring people the peace of mind of having funeral plans set in place well in advance of when they will be needed is fed by her professional understanding of the processes involved and her personal experience of being caught without a plan when faced with a sudden death in her family. She does not want you to have to face that and is committed to helping you through the details and leaving your family well prepared for when the time comes. Either in your own home or at our offices, Mary will help you to complete the personal and funeral details in the pages provided for that purpose in this website. As well, if you choose, she will help you choose in detail and arrange in advance a funeral that meets your wishes and your budget. Then, if you wish to make financial provision in advance, she will introduce you to the Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia* and assist you in completing a guaranteed fixed price funeral contract. There are other means of providing in advance for the payment for a funeral, but no other plan will guarantee to fix the price of every last detail in the way that the Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia will.

Some advantages of a arranging a prepaid funeral service.

Prearranging and prepaying your funeral through the Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia provides some distinct advantages.

• It eases the emotional pressure on loved ones by documenting your wishes and providing peace of mind that your funeral service is conducted according to your personal choices.
• It ensures that there is assistance to your family for the financial obligations.
• You can exercise flexible payment options – either full payment or by instalments.
• It gives you the reassurance that Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia will ensure that the funeral is conducted professionally according to your choices.

By reading through the information in the Personal Choices Program you will have an indication of the many decisions to be made and the personal information required when someone dies. Whether you require immediate funeral service assistance or would like to arrange for a consultant to guide you through the options of the preplanning process, we would be pleased to meet with you with no pressure or obligation for you to utilise our services. We are confident that the professional, fully trained consultants will be able to assist you with your requests and enquiries.

Your alternatives in prearranging a funeral
You have three options.

1. Call Mary on 1800 995 352 and she will visit you to go over your wishes.
2. Fill out the form in the Personal Choices book (download button on left) and fax to us on (07) 5571 7459 or post to PO Box 708, Labrador, Q 4215.
3. Go to our website and visit the section in which you can record your own funeral wishes, fill the secure form in in and despatch to us from there.