The advantages of planning ahead.

What you are doing is not just about prepaying and safeguarding the cost of funeral expenses. It is about recording your funeral wishes in order to remove from your family’s mind all doubt about how they should plan and conduct a funeral for you when the time comes. You can download the Integrity Funerals Personal Choices Program booklet here. We would like to assist you with its use as an information gathering or discussion tool with your family. The many decisions you make personally or as a family must be carefully recorded and secured in a safe place to which the important people in your life have access to if you are not here.

Once you have made these decisions with our support, it is our wish and responsibility to make the day you have prepared for, the most remembered and significant day in the life of your family. Often the last gift we give to ourselves or to someone we love is a funeral. We endeavour to provide an experience that families can look back on, while sometimes bittersweet, and remember with assurance and confidence that all was done to make the funeral day a unique, personal, and cherished occasion.

Safety and Security.

The Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia is administered by the Integrity Funerals group of companies, a 100% Australian owned family funeral business based on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. The actions of the Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia are accredited and regulated by the Corporations Act and Life Insurance Act 1995 and are regularly audited by the Office of Fair Trading as are all funeral benefit businesses. In addition, as a trust fund we are required to be registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and to act in accordance with laws and regulations governed by ASIC and other relevant government bodies. As a funeral business, Integrity Funerals has been actively involved with the prepayment of funerals since its inception in 1987. Owing to regulations, this type of service could only be provided through bonds held and insurances provided by third party financial institutions for our clients. It is our desire to give our valued clients, people who believe in Australian companies and products, a distinctly unique service not only in preparing for the future but when the time comes. We will ultimately provide a service that is unique, personal, and Australian – that has some heart to it and some real people at the end of it.

Pre-arranging and pre-paying your funeral through the Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia provides some distinct advantages.

It eases the emotional pressure on loved ones by documenting your wishes and providing peace of mind that your funeral service is conducted according to your personal choices.
It ensures that there is assistance to your family for the financial obligations. You can exercise flexible payment options – either full payment or by instalments.