Welcome to Gold Lady Funerals

Gold Lady Integrity Funerals knows no boundaries with our team of funeral directors performing funerals all over South East Queensland.

Gold Lady Integrity Funerals was established over 15 years ago to provide our clients with an option to be cared for exclusively by Gold Coast ladies. Gold Lady Integrity Funerals offers a comforting and distinctively feminine approach to funeral services. Historically, in the old black and white world where there were no shades of grey, all the funeral directors were men and all the funeral decisions were made by men.

This has changed over the years. We recognise that many varying aspects contribute to each family’s requests and we assist families to create a dignified funeral that embraces varying individual requirements.

We at Gold Lady Integrity Funerals want you, as the people we serve, to be able to look back, although sometimes painfully, and remember this experience with the assurance and confidence that you have done all you could do to make the funeral a personal, unique and honouring day for your family.

We offer a large range of coffins and caskets. And a selection of keepsake funeral and burial urns. Also available are flower bouquets and arrangements using only the freshest flowers available.

Choosing a chapel for a funeral is a Personal Choice. We have a number of sites from around the Southern Queensland area.

Pre-arranging and pre-paying your funeral through the Integrity Funeral Plan of Australia provides some distinct advantages. It eases the emotional pressure on love ones by documenting your wishes and providing peace of mind that your funeral service is conducted according to your personal choices.