Gold Lady Integrity Funerals was established over 15 years ago to provide our clients with an option to be cared for exclusively by Gold Coast ladies.


Gold Lady Integrity Funerals offers a comforting and distinctively feminine approach to funeral services. Historically, in the old black and white world where there were no shades of grey, all the funeral directors were men and all the funeral decisions were made by men. This has changed over the years. Gold Lady Integrity Funerals is now the largest privately owned ladies’ concept funeral directors in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We recognise that many varying aspects contribute to each family’s requests and we assist families to create a dignified funeral that embraces varying individual requirements. Commencing with the initial consultation, through the transfer of your loved one to our secured premises, and delicate procedure of preparing the deceased, the unprecedented service of Gold Lady Integrity Funerals’ staff can make all the difference.

Many families situated on the Gold Coast, and in surrounding areas, have experienced the exceptional service and care that Gold Lady Integrity Funerals provide. From the elegant uniforms through to our distinctive fleet of burgundy, white or black vehicles, Gold Lady Integrity Funerals is renowned for its warm approach, genuine compassion and professional dedication. Over the years, Gold Lady Integrity Funerals has conducted a diverse range of services for men, women and children, providing specialised knowledge and consideration of cultural and religious affiliations.