What guides your choice of funeral director?
Is it ownership? The size of the company? The recommendation of a friend or professional person? The company’s reputation, standards or industry accreditation?

At Integrity Funerals we believe that knowledge is empowerment.
Before choosing a funeral director we encourage you to ask the following questions of the company:

• Who owns the company?
• Are they members of the Australian Funeral Directors Association?
• What funeral experience does the company have?
• What professional facilities do they provide? (chapel, private viewing facilities, vehicle fleet, etc)
• What service do they provide me before, during and after the funeral?
• Will they supply a detailed breakdown and written quotation?
• What are their terms of payment?
• Most importantly, who are the people who are looking after you, their training, professionalism and experience.

Your first contact with us.
The first contact you have with a funeral director is usually on the telephone. At this point, the funeral director is going to need the following information:

• The full name of the deceased.
• Normal residential address.
• Dates of birth and death.
• The location of the deceased.
• If a medical certificate for the cause of death has been signed by the medical practitioner.
• The full name, address and phone number of the next of kin who will be in charge of the funeral arrangements.
• An insight as to whether a burial or cremation is intended.

Your first step.

The first important step is to ensure that the person who has died is transferred into the care of the funeral director. Next, an arrangement interview time is scheduled. Most funeral directors will attend your home to make arrangements, as this is often a time where families need to be together.

The option of visiting the funeral director’s office may also be helpful as it takes the principal decision-makers away from the phone calls and visitors. This provides a calmer environment in which to make decisions and give instructions to the funeral director. This alternative is also helpful in allowing you to see the funeral director’s premises, and to select from the range of coffins and caskets they provide.